Would some please make me a banner for a story?

I haven’t used photoshop in ages so I forgot how to make banners.

Just message me if you will, and I’ll give you the details.


I do way too much thinking when I’m alone. I put bad thoughts in my head which then puts me in a bad mood.

Most of these thoughts are about my boyfriend. The big thing I think about is if we ever broke up what would I do? I mean almost everyone experiences a horrible breakup in their life, but since he is my first real boyfriend does that mean we are destined to break up? Does your first love ever last?

I don’t know what I would do with myself if we broke up considering I’ve spent almost 2 whole years talking to him everyday whether it be in person, on the phone, or through text.

He knows me better than anyone, and I’m so comfortable around him. I don’t think I could ever open up to another guy if we did break up. He was just so patient with me, and he didn’t give up on me when I barely talked.

Anonymous asked:
"i can't read the fic"

Sorry. Here’s the new link.


Anonymous asked:
"how bad does it hurt having sex? jw"

For me, it hurt a lot when he was trying to get it in. We even did foreplay and used lube but couldn’t get in it the first couple of tries. But that’s the only part that hurt. Once it’s actually in, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Well, for me at least. 

TMI Tuesday. Naughty, dirty, personal, weird, anything. Go.

Purchased tickets to the Brantley Gilbert concert on August 3.

I’m going with my boyfriend, and it’s first concert. I feel special that it’s gonna be because of me :)

Long post about myself.

So last Monday, I got really drunk for the first time. It wasn’t at a party. It was at home when I was hanging out with my boyfriend. My dad brought home some UV Blue, which is like my favorite strong alcohol. I know this isn’t good parenting but he sold me the bottle for 5 bucks. My dad is an alcoholic by the way.

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